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Know More About Cons of Indirect Sales Channels

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Indirect sales channels have several benefits and drawbacks when compared to direct sales channels. Loss of control over sales process: Using a third party to sell your products or services places another layer between your company and your customers agen slot. The third party could limit or eliminate your involvement in the sales process, except when you would make appointments with leads when they are ready to buy. It could also take longer for your product or service to reach the customer.

Loss of control over brand: Since a third party is selling your product or service, you can lose control over how your brand is marketed and perceived. This might make it more difficult to establish brand loyalty. Customer service might be compromised, and your company could have difficulty communicating its goals to customers.

Uncertain revenues: Since you have no control over the sales process, you cannot accurately predict your revenue stream, which could be an issue if operations depend on hitting certain monthly or quarterly revenue targets.

Shared revenues: Working with indirect sales partners means having to pay a third party to generate leads or make sales, which is a cost that would not exist if you handled the sales internally. Depending on the relationship with the third party, you might have to share a percentage of your sales revenue with your partners.