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Know More About Advertising on YouTube for Business

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There are a few ways to advertise on YouTube, as users reap the benefits of the site’s free service Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. Since the site is based on video content, companies are encouraged to add a call-to-action link directing viewers to their website following the video.

There are four video ad options, including TrueView in-stream ads, which play before, during or after other videos. After five seconds, users can skip the ad. You’ll only be charged for the ad when a viewer watches 30 seconds of the ad or interacts with it in some way.

There are also discovery ads, which appear when a user is searching or browsing content on YouTube or across the web. These clips aren’t limited to 30 seconds; they can be as short or long as you wish. You’ll be charged every time someone clicks on the ad to watch the full video.

Bumper ads are six seconds or less, and users can’t skip these. These ads also appear before, during or after another video. Outstream ads play only on mobile devices, showing up on partner websites and within apps. You’ll be charged for these ads based on cost per thousand impressions, or vCPM.